Alaska Wildflowers Collection

In the summer of 2019, the Fireweed Chunky Hats made its debut for release, inspired by our gorgeous Alaska summers. We offered it in four colors and people immediately responded by ordering them for gifts and to keep.

Fireweed Chunky Hats

Summer of 2020 when we introduced the Alaska Wildflowers Collection which features our beautiful summer wildflowers: Fireweed, Forget Me Not (Alaska's state flower), Lupine and Daisies. It was also well accepted and the possibilities became endless!



This collection features our hand knit beanies with embroidered wildflowers, all of which are handcrafted with careful attention to details. The materials used are wool acrylic blend yarn that is machine washable and dryable, colored threads and yarns for the embroidery, cotton fabric for backing (to cover the backs of the embroidery) and leatherette tags.

These hats go through a meticulous process to ensure the finished item will be unique and special.

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